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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

He was born in Utah but has been a resident of the city of Omaha for many years, becoming a young student, graduating as a lawyer, joining the faculty of law at the University of Nebraska, and graduating in 2011. Thomas Campbell also holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and International Studies from Weber State University in Utah.


The Mission

One of the missions of Thomas Campbell is to help improve communities wherever he may be. His profession as an immigration lawyer, his ability to speak Spanish perfectly, and the years of experience he acquired living for several years in South America has allowed him to contribute to these changes, especially within the Latin Community of Omaha, Nebraska.

Sports Events Sponsor

Thomas Campbell has not only earned the Omaha community for his professionalism as a litigator and advocate in the areas of immigration, criminal cases, personal accidents, and family law, but also for his involvement within the Omaha Latino Community, Sponsoring sports events such as Wrestling, soccer teams, and live radio programs on immigration.

Speaking Your Language

The most satisfying moment for Thomas Campbell is when he, together with his TLN Law team, manages to change people's lives. He takes their case and represents them like a true friend of the community who understands their culture, speaks their language, and is a champion in defending and handling each of his clients' cases successfully.