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Specializes in Immigration, Criminal, Federal, State, Family Law, & Personal Injury


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Since 2011, TLN Law LLC has been a reputed law firm specializing in immigration, criminal, federal, state, family law, and personal injury nationwide. We have a qualified and robust law team that fights for your rights. Our advocates have multilingual skills and can speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese fluently.

What We Do

We are dedicated exclusively to defending immigration cases, traffic violations, criminal cases, and family law. We offer a free consultation to understand your situation. Thanks to our many years of successful track record, we work best to eliminate and reduce traffic offenses.

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Successful Client List

We realize the importance of legal cases and even extend hours to support our clients by successfully handling their legal situation. We take pride in our 90% index in eradicating violations.

Don't take our word at face value. Please examine our list of successful cases or call us for more information regarding our legal services.